Parent Liaison/Recruiting

My name is Sonji Haley and I’ve been in the club volleyball world for 18 years, 10 of them being with our Mizuno family. I’m a mother of two daughters, Lauren Bledsoe and Milan Stokes, both of who received full ride scholarships to top Division 1 schools in the NCAA, the University of Florida and LSU, respectively. I’ve seen a lot in 18 years, and I know I have the experience to help you all with anything regarding club volleyball and the recruiting process. There’s no fee to receive good advice from parent to parent, especially in confidence! Please take advantage of this opportunity. It can help keep you stay sane this club season. Trust me, I’ve been through this. 

Below I’ve listed common questions I receive often. Still, feel free to discuss needs or concerns with me personally so I can tell you all about what our family has to offer! I look forward to Facetiming, phone calls, or text messages from you. Remember, I’m available anytime.

For Parents:

Setting up a meeting with my daughter’s coach?

Concerns with playing time?
(Let’s discuss helpful ways and suggestions on how to earn more playing time)

How do we start the recruiting process?

When do we start the recruiting process?

Do you think my daughter can play in college?

Any other recruiting questions?
(I most likely have an answer)

How can I help my daughter when things are not going as planned on the court?
(I’ve been there! I can help)

What can I do to stay positive if my daughter is not playing at the tournament?

Am I over involved as a parent? Am I more stressed than my daughter about volleyball?
(Let’s discuss healthy solutions)

For Players:

How do I remain mentally tough?

What should I be doing with my summer break?
(I’ll let you know now, attending Mizuno summer camps always improves your skills)

Don’t hesitate to still call and ask for advice for any other concern that isn’t on this list. In fact, I also request that in your spare time you could call and let us know how to improve the club! Again, I am available anytime and I love this part of my job. Call me for any reason. I’ll lend an ear and some help!