Talese Fernbach

Talese Fernbach is a Sport Psychology Consultant and a Mental Performance Coach that works with volleyball coaches, teams and parents in group and individual sessions. Talese Fernbach, MASEP has a Masters of Sport Exercise Psychology (MASEP), specializing in social, performance and health exercise psychology, with an additional kinesiology focus. She has also received extensive training in several psychology theories and techniques used within sport or performance psychology. Two of these techniques are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
Talese passionately works with athletes, teams, coaches and parents to help them navigate the mental challenges encountered in the world of sports. She helps athletes identify mental barriers that are impeding their performances, and provides performance enhancement techniques to break through the mental barriers. This process allows performances to become more confident, optimal and enjoyable. The athletes are able to rise to their performance potential.
Mental Performance Barriers include:  
• Will I get hurt?
• Will I finish?
• Can I do this?
• Fear of success
• Fear of failure
• Anxiety
• Uncertainty/uncontrollables
• Low confidence
• Lack of motivation
• Unrealistic expectations and goals
• Negative self-talk
• Injuries
• Past poor performances
• Pressure
• Excessive Emotions
Identifying and stepping out of your comfort zone will reveal and identify mental barriers that are holding your performance back. Your comfort zone can limit your ability to obtain a desired performance level. When using sport and performance psychology, the comfort zone is expanded and broadened.
Talese feels that sport or performance psychology does not create talent, but helps to release it. Seeing and observing the dynamics of how a client or team performs is very insightful and often necessary to determine a disconnect between how the client or team perceives their performance and how their performance actually is. Watching an athlete practice and actually perform provides valuable information, insight and knowledge that can be used to improve their performance.

TaleseTalese Fernbach, MASEP

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Team and Individual Mental Training Club Pricing

Individual Sessions
• 60 to 75 min.
• Mental Performance Questionnaire Review
• Mental Performance Tools assigned
• Mental Performance Homework given

Individual Sessions 
$70 – 3 sessions for $180
• 60 min.
• Mental Performance tools assigned
• Mental Performance homework given
Parent Individual Session – 1 hr. – $60
Practice Observation with written feedback – $150
Local Game Observation with written feedback – $200

Individual Packages
Initial + 2 individual – $215
Initial + Practice Observation with written feedback – $225
Initial + 1 individual + Practice Observation with written feedback – $290
Initial + 1 individual+ Practice Observation with written feedback & Local Game Observation – $490

Team Sessions

Team Workshops 
$150 ( 1 hr.)
• Confidence
• Focus
• Goals
• Imagery
• The Power of the Mind Muscle
• The Mindset of a Champion
• Mental Barriers

Team Meetings – $100 (1 hr.)
Team Building/Team Bonding – $200 (2 hrs.)